A New Way For Freelancer And Employers To Connect


As a freelancer there are numerous times where jobs are accepted and done even when they are outside your freelance field of expertise. Many business owners spend unnecessary money trying to recruit and hire freelancer for specific jobs. Work Unite is an online job platform that can assist both the freelancer and business owner in finding the right job and employee.

What is Work Unite?

Work Unite is a new online job seeking/hiring platform. Using advance technology with an easy to navigate webpage freelancer and business owners can easily seek out and find each other. Work Unite effectively connects talented freelancer and established businesses together based on mutual interest, experience and needs. Work Unite makes it easier for freelancer to find jobs that are in their field of expertise and helps business owners find qualified employees.

How Does Work Unite Connect Freelancer And Employers?

Signing up for a Work Unite account is quick and easy. After you have completed the signup process Work Unite uses key features that will easily connect job-searching freelancers and need to hire businesses. Work Unit makes it easier for freelancer to find the jobs that match their skills and experience while business owners can more quickly find these freelancer for specific jobs and tasks. Less time and money is spent recruiting, interviewing and hiring individuals that do not match your company or project.


There are a number of features that are set up to help both freelancers and business owners connect with one another and find the perfect match for your business needs and projects.


Projects are posted by the employers looking to hire freelancers. Once a project has been posted the employer can search for qualified individuals and invite freelancer to apply for the position.


Professionals are the freelancer on Work Unite. As a professional you can post all your important information to help employers find and hire you and also search through a number of projects.


A resume collection is used to help employers hire the right freelancer for a full time position.


Live video consultations are used to connect employers with potential freelancer for a project they are hiring for. Work Unite makes it easy and convenient to schedule live video appointments for employers and freelancer to discuss potential project work.


A key feature that Work Unite offer employers and freelancers is a micro service option. This allows both parties the ability to sell or buy certain gigs.

Work Unite is a great place for freelancer and business owners to not only connect but also work together. With any easy to navigate site and a number of features you will be able to quickly and confidently find the job that fits your skills or the employee that meets your needs. Search through qualified professionals and set up a live video conference to discuss the project in more detail. Work Unite makes the job search and hiring process easier for freelancer and business owners.


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