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Our mission is to match businesses with talent and improve lives through
excellent careers path.

About Workunite

Providing the best candidates to businesses is the core of Workunite – which is a compelling storyteller by heart. Workunite has been established all the way from New York, but operates around the globe since 2015.

Workunite specializes in almost anything and everything in helping businesses succeed 

Workunite believes that every brand has a story to tell – and that is why we are inclined to humanize professionals to work for our client. We draw inspiration from the people we collaborate with and businesses we get to jump aboard with on a day-to-day basis. Everything indeed is a work in progress and a process – especially when dealing with entrepreneurships, businesses and startups. The founder stories are indeed motivating and inspiring toward the high boost of business success.
We are looking forward to hearing your story and how you utilize workunite guru in reaching your success. Please get in touch with us now so Workunite can collaborate with you right away.

Allow us to connect you to the best candidate suitable for your company

Workunite has open the doors for startup, entrepreneurs, companies, small businesses and individual to hire remote workers and employees giving them hiring options to suit their taste. Being an intermediate platform between the employees and employers workunite.com acts like an integrated online employment marketplaces solutions and provides benefits for both parties

.We are the leading provider of online employment marketplaces helping facilitate the matching and communication of job opportunities between jobseekers and employers . we provide services globally.

If you are in need of seasoned and expert specialists on various field of expertise and partners as well as virtual guru for your business, brand, human resources, product marketing, social media, and sales – We got you covered.

We know exactly what you need for your business and provide just that. We provide expert virtual assistance assessment and defined content marketing protocols that aims to improve virtual presence while also raking in more targeted customer leads in the process.

WorkUnite has wide range of expertise in the following areas:

  • Selection, Recruitment , and Diversity expert

  • Web developers, SEO, Social media management, Blogging, Content writing, Administrative assistant & customer support assistant and a lot more

  • Youtube branding video producers, coporate videos makers, case study/testimonial videos, freelance video producers & Startup crowdsourcing campaign videos

  • Campaign management, online marketers, Webinars management, media communication and messaging

We help people all over the world hire and get hired

Connections do have a lucrative value especially in this digital age. There is indeed strength in numbers – and we aim to maximize yours in real-time. Workunite is an outsourcing platform that connects employers to the right employees and vice versa. We match individuals or employees to businesses to generate optimum results for their branding goals.

Workunite has been around for over 1 years now and we have earned our stripes in the industry. We have worked with the biggest names in diverse industries in need of an efficient outsourcing platform that will get their business a notch higher than the rest.

Our integrative features and simulations allow you to screen and filter freelancers to check who would be the best fit to grow and outsource your business needs. Employees also get to weigh their options and decide on who the best boss would be. It’s also about keying in the closest match for everyone – whether you’re a business or an individual looking for the next project to work on.

We believe that it takes one to know one. Being the leading outsourcing platform today, we aim to mobilize and empower businesses and people to reach their target potential in terms of profit and value. Although multitasking is a great skill to master, proper delegation inevitably improves your success rate. This is what Workunite brings to the table to guarantee your success from day one.
  • I was looking for a job after matriculation due to some personal and domestic issues. I found a job but they did not pay me well. I thought I would never be able to find a good job. Anyhow I took a look at the jobs posted by.

    James Watson

    Google Inc
  • I was looking for a job after matriculation due to some personal and domestic issues. I found a job but they did not pay me well. I thought I would never be able to find a good job. Anyhow I took a look at the jobs posted by.

    Rick Wilson


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