10 Productivity Tips for Virtual Assistants


Virtual assistants  have to keep their productivity notch on high levels because if it goes down, so does your business. Becoming productive and staying at the peak momentum is even more difficult to maintain at home. There are tons of distractions at home that can bog you down and lower your productivity levels. Your soft warm bed could be cooing you to sleep or other household chores can get you tied down with no hours to spare for your virtual assistance business.

Do not forget for a minute though that with being a visual brand expert or virtual assistant, time is your greatest ally. You can enhance and maintain productivity by keeping your focus and following these 10 productivity tips for visual brand expert:

  •         Be consistent with your schedule. Once you create a work routine – stick to it. You have to get your schedule organized the night before so you can ease into your day with few or minimal distractions. Make sure that you create a routine that works with your own energy and down times.
  •         Eliminate distractions. Disconnect from your social media life while on work mode to increase productivity. Getting active on Facebook, Instagram, or even with gaming can decrease your productivity levels and be hazardous to your business. You can try using apps that work as “white noises” instead to boost your focus and productivity levels.
  •         Set goals and meet them. Make a list of your goals for the day, week, or month to keep you on track. Keep short-term goals handy and long-term goals at arm’s length to keep you in check. Set deadlines for your goals and keep track of your daily progress.
  •         Have a break! Move away from your desk for a few minutes each day to do some stretching exercises or do other tasks outside of work. Use forty minutes every day for activity outside of your home office to keep your energy levels up and avoid getting strapped to your desk the entire day.
  •         Eat! Some visual brand expert would get too deadbeat tired with tasks or too preoccupied with work and forget to snack or eat right on schedule. Make sure that you keep your body nourished to avoid getting sick and to keep yourself pumped for the day’s work.
  •         Do it! If there is something that needs to be done now – by all means, do it NOW. Don’t get into the snares of procrastination and just do things the next day or when you get your messy schedule fixed. Check your to-do lists and sort out what can be done in less than five minutes then do those now.  
  •         Time yourself. You can time yourself to do a task like for 50 minutes then you use that to focus on one task. After that is over, allot 5 to 10 minutes to move around, get a glass of water or coffee, or do some reps.
  •         Go to bed and get up at the same time every day. You have to find what time your energy is at its highest and when it’s at its lowest. Then that is when you can start with creating a sleeping and waking routine that works for your business.
  •         Eat one monster at a time. Do the most difficult or painstaking task first before anything else. You can chomp one monster at a time or eat them all before doing other tasks so your entire day would just be a walk in the park.

The best productivity hack should be one that is customized to work for your own biological rhythm and schedule of tasks. Learn how to focus and prioritize as well as keep your schedule organized to amplify your productivity and get your business moving forward.

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